The Goose and Crooked Creek watersheds, located in both Mecklenburg and Union Counties, are approximately 42 and 53 mi², respectively. These creeks encompass eleven local government jurisdictions. 

The Crooked Creek basin is the larger of the two basins in the planning area. The Crooked Creek is located in some of the fastest developing areas in the region at the Union County and Mecklenburg County line along the US 74 Corridor. With this rapid urbanization, experts have expressed concern that potentially significant, indirect, or secondary impacts on water quality and aquatic habitat in the Crooked Creek watershed may be due to the development. The Savannah lilliput (Toxolama pullus) is a freshwater mussel located in Crooked Creek that is listed as a species of concern by the federal government. Crooked Creek is one of only two locations where the Savannah lilliput exists.

The Goose Creek is home to an existing population of a federally listed endangered fresh water mussel, the Carolina Heelsplitter. The Carolina Heelsplitter is a medium-sized freshwater mussel that grows to about 115 mm in length and has a greenish-brown to dark brown shell. The Carolina Heelsplitter has rapidly declined in population size since 1990. The Goose Creek is one of only three locations where this mussel still exists in North Carolina. Goose Creek has also been listed in the past as not supporting biological integrity to the mouth of its watershed.

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Final version of the Goose Creek Site Specific Water Quality Management Plan (rules)

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